The Jackson Housing Authority is a catalyst that brings together public and private resources and creates non-profit organizations such as community development corporations.

The mission of the Jackson Housing Authority is to be the leader in our community in providing quality and affordable housing, while maintaining a safe environment, supported by programs and services to encourage economic improvement, personal empowerment and homeownership.

Owning a home has long been an American dream. The purchase of a home will be one of the most important and costliest investments anyone can make and comes with tremendous responsibility. The Jackson Housing Authority’s Homeownership Program is committed to helping more low and moderate income families in the metro area to become homeowners.

Providing homeownership financial literacy training is the central strategy in our efforts to promote self-sufficiency, economic independence and homeownership for all of the Jackson Housing Authority Public Housing and Section 8 tenants.

Individuals interested in Homeownership should contact Mississippi Housing Partnership at 601-969-1895 to enroll in a Homebuyer Education Course.

JHA currently offers a downpayment assistance grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank.



Section 5(H) Homeownership Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • No more than 35% of income can go towards monthly housing costs
  • Must meet income eligibility requirements of 80% or less of area median income
  • Must be first-time homebuyer
  • Purchaser must contribute at least 1% down payment
  • Houses must be located in the City of Jackson


HCV and Homeownership

Convert your Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) to a “Homeownership Voucher”

Homeownership Vouchers assist qualifying first-time homeowners with monthly homeownership expenses. A family with a Housing Choice Voucher may use it to purchase a housing unit under construction, new, existing, or manufactured housing. The mortgage payment, subsidized for up to 15 years, consists of the family’s income and subsidy from the voucher.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a first-time homebuyer
  • Must be a current HCV participant
  • Must meet minimum income requirements
  • Must have full-time employment (some exceptions may apply)
  • Must attend pre and post-homebuyer education counseling
  • Must meet credit guidelines